Tuesday 26 December 2017

Talk in Wellington, Aotearoa / New Zealand 2014

I haven't shown the video of this talk before - How Anarchists Build Counter-power - so the link is here. Unfortunately my talk was the very last of the Book Fair and we were pressed for time so I had to wrap up a little prematurely, but the video covers most of the relevant stuff. In it, I cover new directions in anarchist historical and theoretical research, especially that emerging from the Institute for Anarchist Theory and History based in Brazil, and go on to discuss my "five waves" historical theory, which I am currently revising to rather encompass "six waves," my argument being that because anarchism always was a proletarian praxis, the fortunes of the anarchist movement rose and fell with the fortunes of the working class, peasantry and poor more generally and that, if one takes a truly global perspective, then such fortunes may also be theorised to roughly go through quarter-century cycles that may relate to the "active lifespan" of anarchist militants.