Thursday 23 October 2014

Book review: Hamilton Wende

"Michael Schmidt’s book is a fascinating exploration of the dark corners of South Africa’s past and its transition to democracy. It is also a testament to his career as a journalist. His dedicated and uncompromising quest to uncover the truth of what he finds shines through on every page. Schmidt’s revelations move from South Africa’s nuclear programme under apartheid to the problems of today’s deeply unequal society, tracing the threads of secrecy, privilege and the violence that are needed to maintain it. It is a book that illuminates both past and present and is an invaluable contribution to understanding what South Africa is today. It is also written with verve and passion and is an unputdownable read. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in South Africa and its changing role not only in the continent, but in the broader world." - Hamilton Wende, journalist and author of several books including True North: African Roads Less Travelled (2008)

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