Tuesday 4 November 2014

Drinking with Ghosts: Contents

              Ch1: The terrorist impulse of Dirty War
Part 1: Unhale radiance: the African atomic bomb
              Ch2: Seeking the Holy of Holies
              Ch3: The rogue proliferators
              Coda: Temptation of the spooks
Part 2: A funny smell: biochemwar and the death squads
              Ch4: A bone-deep chill
              Ch5: The chemistry set
              Ch6: Plausible deniability: proxy war
              Coda: Birds of a feather
Part 3: The long shadow: exporting war... and peace
              Ch7: The chief is dead: dividends of the Bush War
              Ch8: Neighbourhood bully... or bravo?
              Ch9: Terrorists and horseshoes
              Coda: Springboard
Part 4: Forensic meditations: massacre and memory
              Ch10: Murder at arm's length
              Ch11: Murder up close
              Ch12: Let this cup pass
              Ch13: Homegrown homicide
              Coda: Homecoming
Part 5: Epitaph: Breaking our Pact of Forgetting
              Ch14: Drums of bones
              Ch15: Paper Holocaust
              Coda: The daylight or the ghosts

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