Tuesday 3 February 2015

The Anwa Dramat case and extraordinary renditions

The Anwa Dramat claims reminds me of the tales in Drinking with Ghosts of the SAPS conducting extraordinary renditions:

a) In 2004, Malefa Sefora Maphaleba, deputy leader of the Women's League of the Basotho National Party, living in exile near Bloemfontein, was kidnapped and flown by SAPS chopper to a forest where she was interrogated for four hours about Lesotho politics - and threatened with deportation (she was terrified as she had been sexually assaulted in jail in Lesotho by goons of the ruling party);

b) In 2005, Burundian IT specialist Nestor Niyonzima and his psychologist wife Gertrude fled to SA because he had blown the whistle on bank fraud in Burundi. With a Burundian hitman on his tail, crooked SAPS members who appear to have been in the pay of the bank fraud syndicate illegally deported Niyonzima back to Burundi under false charges. Facing assassination in jail by the syndicate, it took an emergency intervention by the Central Methodist Church to get Niyonzima released and into asylum in Sweden.

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