Sunday 29 April 2018

African Anarchist Movements: Race, Class and Liberation

I have just completed a new 15,600-word monograph, African Anarchist Movements: Race, Class and Liberation, which provides a comparative analysis between the anarchist / syndicalist movements in early 20th Century Egypt and South Africa, then briefly sketches the movements in nearby Tunisia and Mozambique before detailing the post-war movement in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia with an emphasis on the Algerian Liberation War, and concluding with anarchist organisational perspectives from Senegal in the 1980s, from Nigeria in the 1990s, from Morocco in the 2000s, and from South Africa and Egypt in the 2010s, bringing this little study full circle. I am hoping this pamphlet will encourage further study into African anarchist / syndicalist movement history - especially regarding Senegal, Tunisia, Morocco, Angola and Zaire (DRC). I will be asking some leading liberation movement lights from Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria to provide introductory commentary and will then get it formally published in Sweden, with plans for Arabic and Berber translations - so stay tuned!