Sunday 7 January 2018

Listing of Ukrainian Anarchist Organisations

Revolutionary Insurgent Army of the Ukraine (RPAU) leadership in March 1919, having captured the Sea of Azov port city of Berdyansk - which had a population of about 47,000 - complete with a factory for the production of the Farman F30 biplane.

In my forthcoming book In the Shadow of a Hurricane: Global Anarchist Movement Ideological and Organisational Lineages, naturally the Ukrainian Revolution is dealt with in detail. But Ukraine is reduced in most of the historical literature to a matter of peasants with pitchforks, whereas the movement began in 1879 and survived 15 decades despite periods of intense repression, at times ran entire modern cities of tens or hundreds of thousands of inhabitants, and was very widespread, combative and politically pluralistic, well beyond the well-known Makhnovists. As a crude foretaste of the complexity of the Ukrainian theatre of operations, I offer a mere listing - as yet incomplete - of the Ukrainian organisations I write about.

1. Unions and labour federations: [a/c] anarchist-communist or anarcho-collectivist 
                                  [a/s] anarcho-syndicalist 
                                  [r/s] revolutionary syndicalist 
                                  [d/s] De Leonite syndicalist 
                                  [p/s] "pure syndicalist"
                                  [d/a] direct actionist
2. Political organisations: [a/c] anarchist-communist or anarcho-collectivist
                            [a/i] anarcho-insurrectionist
                            [sy] synthesist or mixed group
                            [a/b] anarcho-Bolshevik
                            [l/m] libertarian mutualist
                            [b/p] Bakuninist or platformist
                            [a/e] anarcho-ecologist
                            [a/f] anarcha-feminist
                            [l/c] left-communist 
                            [c/c] council communist
                            [n/m] nihilist or maximalist
                            [l/r] libertarian reformist
3. Guerrilla, militia and armed forces: [mil]
4. Communes, soviets & civil co-ordinating bodies: [sov]
5. Schools, universities, archives & research institutes: [edu]
6. Splits are indicated so: =
7. Direct descendants are indicated so: -, or by the word "later"

    - Alarm Confederation of Anarchist Organisations (ACAO), “Nabat” [sy] 
                                                     = Nabat [sy]
                                                       RPAU-affiliated minority
    - Alliance of the Anarchist Movement, Ukrainian sections (ADA)
    - Anarchist Bureau of the Donets Basin (ABDB)
    - Anarchist Federation of Eastern Ukraine (AFEU)
    - Anarchist International Association of Working Class Youth – Insurgent 
    - Anarchist military formations: 1st Black Sea Revolutionary Anarchist Detachment [mil]
                                     1st Insurgent Division of the 2nd Ukrainian Red Army [mil]
                                     1st Novospasivsky Guerrilla Group, Udovychenko [mil]
                                     Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) ambulance & militia [mil]
                                     Black Guards [mil]
                                     Bryansk armoured train, Garin [mil]
                                     Cherednyak Detachment [mil]
                                     Free Battalion [mil]
                                     Free Combat Druzhina, Nikiforova [mil]
                                     Grigori Kotovsky Detachment [mil]
                                     Gulyai-Polye Black Guard, f. 1917 [mil], later RPD
                                     JUGAS Battle Detachment [a/s]
                                     Max Chernyak Detachment [mil], later RPAU
                                     neo-Makhnovist guerrillas, Soviet-era [mil]
                                     Odessan Anarcho-Terrorists, “Misha” [a/i]
                                     Revolutionary Insurgent Army of the Ukraine, f.1919 (RPAU) [mil]
                                           Black Sotnia, HQ guard [mil]
                                           RPAU Commission for Anti-Makhnovist Activities (KAD)
                                           RPAU Counter-intelligence “Kontrazvedka”
                                           RPAU General Staff “Shtarm”
                                           RPAU Military-Revolutionary Soviet (VRS), later SRPU [sov]
                                           RPAU Operations Division [mil]
                                           RPAU Soviet of Revolutionary Insurgents of Ukraine (SRPU)
                                                I Corps “Donetsk” (Oleksandrivsk) 
                                                II Corps “Azov” (Nikopol)
                                                III Corps (Yekaterinoslav)
                                                IV Corps (Crimea)
                                           RPAU Culture & Propaganda Soviet “Kultprosvet”
                                           RPAU Social Security
                                     Revolutionary Insurgent Division, f. 1918 (RPD) [mil], later RPAU
                                           Black Sotnia, HQ guard [mil]
                                           RPD General Staff “Shtarm”
                                           RPD Operations Division [mil]
                                     South Russian Battle Organisation [a/i]
    - Autonomous Action, Ukrainian supporter sections (AD)
    - Black Banner, Ukrainian sections (CZ) [a/i]
    - Black Sea Union of Sailors [a/s]
    - Communes 1, 2 & 3, Gulyai-Polye [sov]
    - Confederation of Anarchists in the Ukraine (KAU) [sy]
    - Confederation of Revolutionary Anarcho-Syndicalists, Ukrainian section, former 
       IWA affiliate (KRAS) [a/s]
                            = ADA
                            = KAU [sy]
    - Congress of Workers, Peasants and Insurgents (KBOP) [sov]                               
    - Elizavetgrad Anarchist Federation (EAF) [sy]
    - Gulyai-Polye Anarchist Federation (GPAF) [sy]
    - Gulyai-Polye Peasant’s Union (GPPU), later GPS
    - Gulyai-Polye Group of Anarchist Communists (GGAK) [a/c]
    - Gulyai-Polye Soviet of Peasants’ and Workers’ Deputies (GPS) [sov] 
    - Initiative for the Construction of the General Labour Confederation of Ukraine 
      (VKT) [a/s]
    - Kharkiv Federation of Anarchists (KFA) [sy]
    - Kharkiv Soviet, KFA faction
    - Kiev Anarchist Black Cross
    - Mariupol Group of Anarchist-Communists (MGAK) [a/c]
    - Militant Anarcho-Revolutionary Union (BARS) [a/i] 
    - Odessa Federation of Anarchists (OFA) [sy]
    - Oleksandrivsk Anarchist Federation (OAF) [sy]
    - Oleksandrivsk Soviet, OAF faction
    - Pan-Russian Insurgent Committee of Revolutionary Partisans, Ukrainian section [a/i]
    - Revolutionary Confederation of Anarcho-Syndicalists – “Nestor Makhno”, ILS supporter, 
      Ukrainian parent organisation (RKAS-NM) [a/s]
    - Revolutionary All-Russian Union of Labor (RVST) [a/s]
    - Rosa Luxemburg [sov]
    - South Russian Groups of Anarchist Communists, Kiev (JUGAK) [a/c]
    - South Russian Group of Anarcho-Syndicalists, Odessa (JUGAS) [a/s]
    - Soviet of Revolutionary Insurgents of Ukraine, Makhnovist (SPRU) [sov]
    - Union of Anarchists of the Ukraine (SAU)
    - Union of Anarchist Youth
    - Yekaterinoslav Anarchist Federation (YAF)
    - Yekaterinoslav Group of Anarchist Communist Workers (YGAKO) [a/c]
    - Yekaterinoslav Soviet, YAF faction 
    - Yuzovsk Group of Anarcho-Communists (YGAK) [a/c]